WannaBe Questions and Answers

Version: 2.2, Date: 18.11.2001, Answers by David T. Pierson, Edited by Timo Becker

Version: English German French

How can I save bookmarks in WannaBe?

WannaBe doesn't support bookmarks directly. It is possible to define the bookmark file of another browser as WannaBe's homepage. It's bookmarks can then be accessed with Command + H. How to set up Internet Config for this is described in the help under "Bookmarks".

The second way is to just save the page onto the disk. WannaBe stores the URL in the file's info field, from where it can be copied. To access the info field, select the file in the Finder and press Command + I.

Why can't WannaBe receive files via FTP?

FTP was not added to WannaBe because it is more complex and less standardized than HTTP. Instead all FTP links are passed to Internet Config. Simply change Internet Config's settings for FTP to your favourite file transfer programm or any other web browser ('Helpers').

What does "Error #-47" mean when downloading a file with option-click?

What is happening is that the same file is already being downloaded in the background, and the file that you try to replace is therefore still open and in use. It therefore can not be replaced (deleted), and the error occurs.

When a file is downloaded by option-click it doesn't get the WannaBe filetype.

Change the settings for ".htm" and ".html" files in Internet Config ('File Mappings').

Sometimes, there is no filename in the Save As/Save Source-box.

The filename is determined from the URL filename for the save source dialog, while for the save text dialog, the title of the window is used. Either of these may not exist for a particular page.

What does the option 'Wrap' in the Find-dialog mean?

It wraps around the end of the page and continues searching at the beginning if no match has yet been found. WannaBe will cycle through the occurrences of the string on the page if wrap is on. If wrapping is not on, it will not continue once the last occurrence of the string is hilited on the page.

When I select 'Restart' or 'Shutdown' in the Finder, all applications close automaticly except WannaBe.

WannaBe will not quit unless it can close all the windows. It can't close a window if a connection is occurring in it. Use <command>-<period> to cancel the connection before restarting.

WannaBe sometimes interprets Netscape bookmark files as text, not as HTML.

WannaBe needs either an <html>-tag within the bookmark file (which Netscape bookmark files seem not to have sometimes) or an ".html" extension to the filename. Netscape will let you change the name and still use it as a bookmark file, so just add ".html" to the end of the file.

How can I change the startup screen size of WannBe?

Simply use the resize box at the lower right corner of the window to resize it to your liking, then close the window. WannaBe will save the size of the window. Any new windows should open with that size and location, assuming it is comletely on-screen. This should work even after quitting and restarting WannaBe. Basically WannaBe will always try to open a new window in the same position and size that the last closed window was at.

What's the meaning of 'WannaBe'?

'Wanna-be' is a slang term derived from the slurring of 'want to be'. Imagining WanneBe to have a spirit, it surely would be a complete web browser. But because it isn't, I have chosen the synonym for 'like a poser' (one who tries to be someone he or she is not).

Where can I get more information about WannaBe?

The most recent information you'll find at the WannaBe Homepage http://mindstory.com/wb2/ (including news, downloads, documentation, localized versions and a Search Plug-ins Starter Set).

URL: http://paedagogik.homepage.t-online.de/wannabe-faq.htm